Create a stunning perennial patch on your narrowboat

Make your garden in Bromsgrove bloom with the perfect topsoil
September 2, 2015
Lot's of people now use narrowboats as their home - and why not, great views, no neighbours and free to go anywhere you want in our beautiful country. More and more people are choosing to live on a narrowboat - the most modern narrowboats have TVs, fully working kitchens, toilets, showers and every other amenity that a bricks and mortar home would.

If you're wondering how this posts relates to perennials and home and garden, it's simple! Narrowboats also have the space for your own garden - whether that's a perennial patch, vegetable patch or some grass for friends and family to sit on and take in the stunning views of our country side! Secret-perennials stock everything you need to for your narrowboat to really give you that home from home feel. We have teamed up with to offer a 10% discount on all their narrowboat equipment, just use the coupon "sp10summer" at their checkout. As a company have been offering their narrowboat and chandlery services for decades throughout the UK. They are stockists of narrowboat switches, circuit boards, anchors, fixtures and fittings. Check them out!

We have seen some truly stunning examples of narrowboat perennial patches - the mixture of sunshine and moisture from the canal can do wonders for flowers, helping them bloom and truly complement the natural beauty of a narrowboat. Perennials can also be used for a sweet, fresh scent - often covering the sometimes smelly scent of the canal.

Living on a narrowboat can be great fun and is a fantastic way to get back in touch with nature. Using the roof of your narrowboat is a great way to plant your perennials of grow your own vegetable patch. We sell lots of pelargoniums - we are informed that they grow and bloom beautifully on the roof of a boat and are said to even repel insects!

For more tips about gardening on your boat - click here. Remember, whatever you decide - we can provide!

Take a look at a video below to get some wonderful ideas for your narrowboat: