Topsoil: Top 3 Reasons You Should Get It for Your Garden
August 27, 2015

Where to buy Topsoil in Halesowen?

Topsoil is the secret ingredient to many a spectacular garden. When you see lush green grass in a beautifully landscaped garden - odds are high that the uppermost layer of soil was a premium grade screened topsoil. Topsoil can help grass grow even where there is very poor natural Earth, such as a courtyard or patio area or if your existing soil is poor and patchy. Read more about this by clicking here.

It can be used for filling holes and even planting perennials in their beds. It is rich in nutrients meaning it is ideal for growing grass, flowers and fantastic for growing your own vegetables. So whether you are purchasing because you want a lush green lawn or you have allotment and want to grow your own vegetables - topsoil will most certainly help with every one of those applications!

Topsoil is filled with nutrients and microorganisms that grass and plants need to thrive – the essential nutrients in the soil dissolve in water, this makes it easy for the roots of the plants to get what they need. The organic matter is derived from decaying plants and anything else organic that dies, such as insects, worms, leaves, etc. Once dead, the decay allows the nutrients in the previously living matter to be returned to the soil.

It is important to note that good quality topsoil should meet British standards 3882:2007. We purchase our topsoil from Valley Contractors, 5 miles outside of Birmingham. They have 5 grades of topsoil all available in bulk bags or by tonne on pallets. They deliver nationwide and offer express delivery - even to the remotest parts of Scotland. If you live in Halesowen and looking for a topsoil Halesowen service, they will even deliver on the same day if you order before 11am.

Quick facts:
  • In order to succesfully lay lawns - you will need at least a 10cm layer of topsoil.
  • New beds will require about 20cm or even more.
  • Topsoil is available in five grades. Click here to find out more